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The Year’s First Cold-Frame! (Salad in April?) March 1, 2010

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Yes!  I did it!  I conquered the winter, got out a shovel, uncovered a patch of earth in the garden and created our first cold-frame for the year!  Actually, in the spirit of full-disclosure, my husband actually did most of the work.  He, being bigger and stronger than I, tends to get more done in a period of time.  So, in the time it took me to drag a few hay bales over to the garden from the barn, he uncovered the garden dirt, dug the double-paned door out from the snow on the side of the barn, carried it over, and brought over most of the hay.   But I can type faster.  That skill doesn’t help me with making cold-frames.

Well, anyway, here is our first cold frame.  It was so good to get a sneak peek at the garden under the snow.  That dirt took us many years of nurturing to bring it to that point.  We’ve added lots and lots of compost and organic matter.  Our natural soil in the area is pretty much straight sand.    -Straight sand and a deep, deep well make for the best water, by the way, like a giant filter.

I planted a variety of lettuces and if things go our way that cold-frame should heat up and we’ll have salad in April.  We’ll also probably have some Hairy Vetch, (Hairy What?!).  Don’t worry its just the cover-crop I planted in the fall.  Its a legume so we’ll probably just eat that, too.  Salad in April, that’s not bad for zone 4 and no heating devices, (other than hay and someone’s building project refuse).


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