Confessions of an EVERYDAY ECOTARIAN

creative, conscious and conserving ideas, thoughts and solutions

About amy and this blog June 6, 2008

\I am a wife as well as the mother of three kids 9-years and under. I grew up in the suburbs, went to college, got married, moved to the country, had kids and accumulated animals. LOTS of animals. I have, however, cut myself off, (on both the kids and the animals). As of this moment I have 6 goats, 15 chickens, a dog, 2 cats and two donkeys from a donkey rescue, (yes, a donkey rescue).

Professionally, I started as a music teacher in a small, rural district and was laid-off due to state budget cuts 6 years later. I have since had to re-define my self a bit. I entered the non-profit world and began working part time for two non-profits: a local non-profit that deals with issues of water and education and a national non-profit that teaches educators how to play guitar and integrate their learning into their classrooms. I love my work because I work with brilliant, selfless and underpaid people.  Thus is the non-profit world.

I thrive on being outdoors. I like dirt under my fingernails and calluses on my feet. I like to get my vitamin D from the sun. I like to grow my own food and make compost, (it’s just like making lasagna -minus the cheese). I love to teach anybody anything and do it upon any opportunity I see.

I’m a believer who is passionate about struggling and searching to discover everyday how God intended me to live. I actually see a very strong connection between my religious beliefs and the underlying ideas of ecotarianism. Both require me to be conscious about my consumption and it’s impact on others and the world.

I love to learn new things, figure out how to do things better, more efficiently and I continually challenge myself with such things.

I started this blog because I believe that extremes only fragment people and often leave them paralyzed with fear and guilt. Fear and guilt are terrible motivators. If you want real change you have to do it from a different place. I know what it’s like to feel the burden of trying to be ecologically responsible while raising a family on a tight budget. It isn’t easy. I don’t believe it’s best to jump on any bandwagon including “organic and green” without a system of checks and balances. It’s possible to be entirely green and organic and feeding the “industry” over your family, each other and our environment. Many things need to be taken into consideration. Those real day-to-day issues are what I intend to wrestle with in this blog.

To close, as my mom wrote in a school assignment about me in third grade,

“Amy has a lot of new ideas about old things”. -mom of Amy

Me and Owen, goofing off

That’s me in a nutshell.

For a bit more information on me, my family, what the last few years has brought us, the lessons we’ve learned and more about what drives our lives, you can watch our Nooma Story: Amy.


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