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How To Fool A Chicken May 7, 2009

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It’s really not hard to fool a chicken.

Here is our dilemma. We have laying hens. We have no rooster. Why, you ask? Because all of the roosters we’ve ever had love to attack toddlers. That’s neither here nor there so back to our dilemma: Laying hens occasionally go to laying hen heaven for various reasons, (I wonder what that’s like…or maybe they are reincarnated…into eggs…which asks that age-old question…). In any regard, we need to add more hens every couple of years.

Golden Comet Chick under her adopted Bantam mom

Golden Comet Chick under her adopted Bantam mom

Well, without a rooster, that’s difficult to do right here. Luckily, it’s not hard to fool a chicken. We have one little Bantam that gets “broody” every year. What does that mean, you ask? It means she gets in the mood to have a “brood” -of baby chicks. She will sit on her eggs and any other hens eggs waiting for them to hatch which just isn’t going to happen at our house because of the rooster thing. She will sit for all eternity waiting for those eggs to hatch. So, every couple of years I buy a few chickens at the feed store and slip them underneath our broody hen. One year I bought 6 chicks and a duckling. The broody hen is instantly pleased that her eggs have “hatched” and her adopted chicks are instantly pleased that they have a real mom instead of a heat-lamp. It’s a good situation for everyone. -No awnry roosters, no unfulfilled broody hens and chicks that get to follow their mom around a barnyard instead of live under a heat-lamp.

So, it’s a good thing it’s not hard to fool a chicken.